The Cold Lake Ambulance Society takes great pride in the communities that it serves.  This is shown by the many activities that the staff take part in throughout the year. rodeo

Between the staff and the board of directors, there has been a Public Relations/ Public Education committee formed to ensure that the Society is well represented in the community.  The goal of this committee being the promotion of CLAS services and access to them,  proper usage of the Emergency Medical System and safety/risk education.

Having a strong community bond allows for the public to understand the way the society functions and also a way for us to assess the changing needs of the community.  There are many ways in which this community bond unfolds.  Some of which being the annual National EMS week, safety talks at the local schools, Christmas candy cane check stops, and various Youth programs.

Every year, during the third week of May, is the "National Emergency Medical Services Week".  EMS Week celebrates the contributions and hard work of EMS providers throughout the country.  The Cold Lake Ambulance Society participates in this celebration by planning local activities to educate the public about the EMS system and its appropriate use. 

The P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth) Program is a one-day, in-hospital, injury awareness and prevention program for youth age 16 and older.  This program is a vital partylogo
component of the growing community effort to reduce death and injury in alcohol, drug and risk-related crashes and incidents.  The goal of P.A.R.T.Y. is to provide young people with information about trauma (injury) that will enable them to recognize potential injury-producing situations, make prevention-oriented choices, and adopt behaviours that minimize unnecessary risk.

Students follow the course of injury from occurrence, through transport, treatment, rehabilitation and community re-integration. They interact with a team of health professionals that includes a paramedic, partyp
nurses, a physician and social worker.  The program concludes with a challenge to the participants to become individually and collectively committed to promoting behaviours and activities that minimize the risk of injury. Students report that the experience is "eye-opening and positive", and "a must for all young people".

If you have any questions about any of the programs that the Cold Lake Ambulance Society partakes in, please feel free to contact the office
Monday to Friday 8 am till 3 pm.